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After School Care

USD 250 values a safe and enriched environment for students during out of school time. After school care is offered by the district as a resource to help meet the diverse needs of USD 250 families. This programming further enhances the use of district staff and facility resources.


Programming for After School Care (ASC) will be the responsibility of the ASC Coordinator. Site level operations will be managed by the ASC Coordinator with Site Coordinators located in each elementary building. A staff to student ratio of 1:10 will be maintained.


USD 250 will make available after school care at designated USD 250 elementary schools on each day that school is in session during the school term. After school care will not be available during school vacations, teacher in-service, or early dismissal days. After school care will be available between the hours of 3:15 and 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday on regular school days. Every effort will be made to accommodate and coordinate resources to meet the diverse needs of all district students.


  • ASC programming will include supervision of outside play, optional homework assistance, and small and large group indoor play. Play will encourage individual development as well as skill building in communication and gross and fine motor skills.

  • ASC will coordinate with other after-school programming.

  • ASC will provide nutritional snacks through district food service. Snacks from home will not be permitted.


  • A fee of $5.00 will per day will be assessed for each child.

  • All fees are based on a contracted schedule. Parents contract for specific days of the week and are responsible for all contracted days. Contracted days are based on a schedule given to the Site Coordinator by the parent. For example: Contract for Mondays only or Monday through Friday, etc. Parents may modify the schedule at any time by contacting the Site Coordinator.

  • Court ordered division of payment is to be handled by the parents. The contract will not be split for accounting purposes.

  • Parents are expected to keep the fee agreement regardless of current reimbursement by an entity or individual (cafeteria plans, child support, etc.).

  • A $10.00 charge per child will be assessed when parents/guardians do not pick up their child by 5:30 pm. For children left after 6:00 pm, the Site Coordinator will make every effort to contact the parent and/or an appropriate contact. In the rare circumstance that contact cannot be made, the Site Coordinator may request assistance from law enforcement. Exceptions may be allowed if proper and acceptable notification is provided to the Site Coordinator.

  • Fees are due on the last day each week that the child attends the program. Parents may also choose to pay in advance. There will be no adjustments to the contracted rates unless the child or parent is sick for an extended period of time (8 consecutive days).

  • Two weeks notice is requested for discontinuation of care.

  • Childcare will be discontinued when accounts are not paid in full.

  • Students with outstanding fees from a previous year will not be allowed to enroll until their account has been paid in full.

  • Emergency care is provided in special circumstances.


Students enrolled in ASC will follow the same rules of behavior that are enforced during the regular school day at each respective school. Misbehavior will result in one verbal warning/Time-out. Continued behavioral issues will be referred to the Coordinator and may result in dismissal from the program.


The ASC program is not a “drop-in” service. In the event of an emergency, or an unforeseen situation, the ASC staff will provide care for your child. The rate charged will be that of the standard contracted fee of $4.00. It is imperative that the Site Coordinator have emergency information for all students who are in their care. For this reason, we encourage all parents to complete the ASC enrollment form to have on file in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. Staff is scheduled based on the number of students attending per day, keeping a staff to student ratio of 1:10. Parents who habitually make use of ASC as a drop-in service will be required to enroll their child and agree to a contracted Schedule.


Circumstances which might necessitate termination of child care:

  • A child has needs that cannot be appropriately met at the After School Care location.

  • A child exhibits behavior which repeatedly endangers the health and/or safety of other children.

  • A parent refuses to cooperate in adhering to the procedures defined for the ASC


Parents will designate individuals as emergency contact and authorize pick up. The ASC program will not release students by telephone request. Parents or authorized adults are required to sign the child out before the child is released. This procedure will enable the After School Care staff to ensure the safety of all its clients. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis with the Site Coordinator.


Kathleen Spencer George Nettels 620-230-9892
ASC District Coordinator Lakeside 620-687-3619
620-687-3702 Meadowlark 620-232-4421 Westside 620-235-9397

Program Contacts

Kathleen Spencer
ASC District Coordinator

George Nettels - 620-230-9892
Lakeside - 620-687-3619
Meadowlark - 620-232-4421
Westside - 620-235-9397

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